Benia’s Belly-Full of The Bahamas & Beachside Cooking

Time: 10 a.m., Monday through Sunday
Price: $79 per person
Attire: Please wear comfortable shoes and clothing (and a raincoat, if needed!)
Pickup at: The cruise terminal and Cable Beach hotels

You know the saying: give a person a bowl of fish stew, you feed them for a day; but teach a person to make fish stew, and you feed them for a lifetime.

That’s just what we’re going to do!

In our Belly-Full of the Bahamas Cooking Class, you’ll drink, make delicious traditional Bahamian dishes, eat, laugh, and maybe even learn something (but that’s not a requirement).

The experience starts when our taxi van picks you and the other members of the group up from Cable Beach hotels and the cruise ship terminal.  After a pleasant half-hour drive to the south side of the island, you’ll arrive at Benia’s beachfront home for a beautiful day of food and fun by the sea.

First, we’ll enjoy welcome drinks, then we’ll apron up and start making lunch – Bahamian fish stew, johnnycakes, curried shrimp, Bahamian mac and cheese, lime coleslaw, and more!  After that, we’ll dig in and wash it all down with plenty of local beer and Sky Juice.  (What’s that?  You’ll have to sign up to find out!)

After lunch, you can enjoy the beach and relax after a meal you won’t soon forget.  Bring the kids, too!  They always have a blast.

New food new friends, and a belly full of the Bahamas.  You can’t beat it!

Come get a BELLY-FULL of The Bahamas!

Class Duration:
Approximately 3 hours
Group Size:
10 persons maximum